Monday, April 2, 2012

Down, but not out

It has been a while!

Some time ago—in December I think—the Japanese government shot down the possibility of offering free flight tickets to tourists. Being a young blue-collar worker, this hurt my plans and made me consider backing out.

After months of serious consideration, I have come to this conclusion: everyone has a dream of some sort, but not everyone realizes that you can't just wait for it to come and slap you in the face, like I thought was happening to me. No one is going to make you dream come true for you, if you won't help yourself.

Naturally, my progress has been severely hindered by my hesitation, and I will have to recalculate my required expenses now that I have no hope of getting a free flight. It's possible that I won't make my November deadline, but I will move ahead all the same.

So, that's that! I won't be adding money to my fund for a couple of weeks, since I had ceased to be as frugal as I had been when I was actively contributing to it, and I now need to play catch-up with my income. I don't expect to be able to contribute $200 weekly again for some time, if ever.